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Solarium 4797 by timsumma
Solarium 4797

Hello Deviants! Youse guys is probably wondering where the hell I has been lately. Yes, it has been winter that is true, and my fave, the garden, has been hiding out in the solarium and the Cedar Closet. Well the little devils are back out side and getting happy! While I have been busy working on the solarium. It is now damn close to being done so now it is time to get some naughty on in their! This is the first one out of the shut.


Certain girls just like to be tied up. I don't know why, they just do like it. Nothing much needs to be a reason, just that secure reason that they have this need. Perhaps it has to do with not having to decide where they should be or what they should be doing. If your tied up you don't need to think about where you should be, nor do you need explain why they did not do this or that...after all, how could they do this or that, they were tied up! See, no reason to need to explain, after all, she was tied up!

VADA Cow Girl 2813 by timsumma
VADA Cow Girl 2813
Texas in the winter garden, low 80's which is part of why I love living in Texas. Necked models like the warm/hot weather. Now I ain't been posting much and there are reasons, mostly because I have been working on the building. Yes friends, the building is coming along and the unified space will soon be vary active with making dat art stuff wiff da camera. So, stay tuned in and soon we will all be stocked peering at more fun snappers of da babes.
Sodom, smoking hot! 4250 by timsumma
Sodom, smoking hot! 4250
Sodom de Gamore is back in before Christmas, to be naughty for the local Meet Up Group here in San Antonio.

"Timmy, can we do a shoot in the studio after dinner?"
"Sure," I say, like she needs to hold a gun to my head! LOL!!!

So we look at the cute things she bough at Victoria Secretions (My sister Margaret’s joke! Hardy-har, har!). And the stripper store, then a mega plex porn store.

We pick out two because we won’t have a lot of time, like only several hours.

“Timmy, I need help!”

“What now?” I’m thinking.

“These stockings, they make me look fat, I’m not fat, am I?” She says.

Yep, she looks fat in them, her flesh is pinched in the stockings. “Well,” I say, “Of course your legs look fat in them, your taller than most women and so they don’t go up far enough.” I look at the package, these are for a short chick, “See, for a short bimbo, that is not you, short and bimboed.”

“Well,” She says, “What are we going to do?” I love these conversations, I want to have her ask the frog in her pocket, but she is on the verge of either tears or having erotic withdrawals…I suggest she lay down on the bed and I will be right back. I return with four banker boxes, all marked stockings.

Her face lights up, “Do you think we will find a pair of red stockings?”
“No,” is my stance, “How about pink, red, blue, (green?) and fiery red, you choose.”

I suggest that she try the red ones on but the black over the top of the red. “While we are at it,’ I say, “Lets toss these in for that other outfit, crotch less panties!” She lights up and says she will be right in…45 minutes later, she is in and I can tell we have about fifteen minutes before she starts looking tired.

Two hours later I have images ready for posting, like here and guess who is wide awake talking on the phone?
VADA KNOX 6516 by timsumma
Slaking, slaking over the cush-tush. Then furious passion. Time motion and the delight of photons bouncing about.
VADA KNOX 0348 by timsumma
Slaking, slaking over the cush-tush. A kiss, sweet kiss, always.


Tim Summa
United States
I do photography as an art form. This portrait was made fro me by a friend Arnold Newman. Perhaps you had herd of him? No silly, he is not on Deviant Art, not even on this earth. LOL!!!

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shipain Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
:iconbummiesplz:Happy Birthday! Have your cake and eat it too
rylstone Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014   Photographer
And I just happened back as well.  I do admire the humor and your marvelous productions.  Your storytelling is one of my inspirations.
phydeau Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
This is about the 8th time this year that I've stumbled across a gallery of someone that I could have sworn I was watching eons ago.
Beautiful work!
timsumma Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
Thanks! Nice to hear from another 'actual' photographer here on DA!

Thanks for being a 'watcher', love a deviant Voyeur as well.

Sorry I can't reciprocate, I have never figured the site out and frankly computers and all the actions needed are just beyond my understanding! LOL!!! That is why I get to have a generic happy face, just not any good at the work, and frankly, I don't much care about all that silly computer stuff. I just make images.

dollcollector999 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
Great gallery!
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